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Monday, April 25, 2011


I have been the MFEST spokes model for almost 4 years now, I have watched this event grow and develop throughout the years and it gets nothing but bigger and better..This year I hosted the Ms. Mfest competition and I have to say this one would have to be unforgettable. I love this event because it's like a huge reunion.. it was good seeing some old buddies and catching up like old times, it only happens once a year, and we of course would like to thank Chris for creating such an awesome comradeship and family. I also want to thank all my models for working so hard and for keeping up with all the stress and behind the scenes work! There wouldn't be an MFEST without you..

Day 1: Roll out @ 5am. Vegas Bound.
all of a sudden my babes is the traffic dude..
300+ Ms in the caravan

even Hann is exhausted..
we are all a team.
hustle & bustle girls <3
my girl Tracy works so hard.
boyfriend so tireddd
workin hard but still keeping it diva. ;P
my poor baby<3

Day 3: Track day
fueling up babe's car
getting camera ready
I hired her all the way from east coast! representing NYC yep!
his fastest Track time was 2:08, wow go love!
Day 4: RELAX&PARTY...and okay GAMBLE
Puldoggy you funny banana boy!
finally get time to EAT!
Tao beach with my sista
Jo cajita got tatted up

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