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Friday, July 22, 2016

The world is ours

Seriously, where have I been? I even ask myself if I've fallen off the planet.. Here's what I learned so far in 2016, when you really think you've got it all figured out... but what you don't know is you had it all along and it was right in front of you!.. Im usually the type of person who likes to dive into things and I'm just so impulsive and it sometimes leaves me in a rut. Or, I find myself getting started on a project, new job, or whatever, and I'll have second thoughts, doubts and I end up hating it! Oh well, Joanna likes to learn things on her own.. and hates being told what to do...yeah, yeah.

Anyway, finding true happiness was such a big mission for me.. and I thought I wasn't fulfilled unless I had the whole shebang (successful job, fancy car, fancy clothes, dolla dolla bills, etc. etc.) what the heck? Was I that succumbed into the facade? Well, to tell you the truth, I actually did conquer those and more (bragging aside), but come to realize... I was more miserable than ever... because when you have all those things, TIME is never there... and you need TIME enjoy the little things in life which mean more than ANYTHING.

This is the real me, this is my true happiness.. finding time to write, finding time to travel, finding time to be with my family and loved ones, and sharing it with the world so that everyone can be on the same page and not get caught up like I did (fall off the planet).

So cheers to lessons learned, I'm ready for 2017 already. This is really the beginning of a new chapter.

Love Yourself,

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